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  • Daneille and Caleb | Wedding Photography

    Aug 04 | Evan | No Comments | Blog Event Photographer Wedding Photographer

    You might remember being introduced to Daneille and Caleb when he proposed at a Carolina Railhawks game. It ended up being one of those things where the stars aligned just right, and along with Andrew Bryant Photography, I was able to finish what I started and shoot their incredible wedding. What an amazing wedding it was! Especially considering the amount of time they had to plan it in! We did ours in about 10 months…they had about half that! Beyond that, I cannot say enough nice things not only about Danielle and Caleb, but also about their families, who went above and beyond to make sure we were taken care of. It was such a pleasure to shoot a wedding with such wonderful people, and more importantly, to make such wonderful new friends. Again, thank you and congratulations to Danielle and Caleb!

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