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  • My Wedding in Japan

    May 04 | Evan | No Comments | Blog News


    So… This past weekend, I was shooting a wedding in Georgia with Andrew Bryant Photography, and suddenly realized, my wedding here in the states is (at that time) in 2 week–As I write this post it is less! Naturally, thinking about our wedding here in Raleigh, North Carolina, making arrangements and her family coming over here, has made me think about our time (and wedding) in Japan. Then I realized, I never posted anything about it, so here you are! Since we always knew that we were going to do one in Japan and one in the USA, we decided to keep the one in Japan as simple (and affordable) as possible. We didn’t have a religious ceremony at all, but instead had what was basically a lunch reception. Now what you have to understand, in Japan, there is always an after party and usually an after after party (each time the group gets smaller). So after the reception, we went to another party/reception with a few of the same people but while the first party was mainly for families and parent’s friends and coworkers, the second party was mainly for our friends. After that, there was an after after party and then even an after after after party that Satomi and I didn’t even attend but her friends still wanted to celebrate, party and drink more! After a full 12 hours of celebrating, partying and running around Tokyo, we were exhausted. Whew. I am getting tired again just thinking about that day! In any case, here are some photos from before and during the lunch reception at the Grand Prince Hotel Akasaka. Photographs were taken by my good friend Greg Logan.

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