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  • Missing Japan: Why Autumn in Japan is Better Than Here

    Nov 03 | Evan | No Comments | Blog Random


    Anyone who has ever lived in Japan has probably heard multiple times, from multiple people, that Japan has four seasons. A lot of my friends and coworkers were really proud and excited to tell me this fact. At first, I couldn’t understand why so many were so eager to tell me this, after all, most places that I have been to, do in fact have four seasons. I kept asking myself, “Why do they think they are so special for having four seasons?” It took me a while to realize that they were not thinking this way at all and the more likely reason I heard this so many times is because there is such a heavy emphasis on the changing of seasons in Japan.

    Then I thought it was just a cultural thing, and I am sure part of it is, but now I am convinced that advertising plays a huge roll in drumming up excitement for the different seasons, especially for autumn and cherry blossom season (known to most as spring). More specifically, Japan Railways does a lot of this seasonal advertising for different locations that their trains can take you to, or at least get you close to. For a country that depends heavily on and has probably the best train system in the world, this can have a huge impact.

    Imagine, everyday on your way to and from work, after getting off the crowded trains, knowing you have a long walk the rest of the way, especially during that last week of summer, when it is still surprisingly hot and humid, you see an advertisement of a beautiful, relaxing fall scene. You’d be super excited about fall coming as well! I don’t even have to paint the picture for the winter scenario–don’t get me started on winter clothes + heated, crowded trains. Seriously, JR does a great job of reminding you that the next season is coming soon and you should be excited about it. That is the reason why Japan’s autumn gives your/our autumn a huge ninja kick to the face! 🙂


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