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    Jul 29 | Evan | No Comments | Blog Portrait Photographer

    Since my friend was doing so well playing poker out in Las Vegas, he invited me to come visit him. It was a lot of fun pretending I was important as he would get us past lines and into places that I could never get to by myself! Also, I was approached by a few people wanting me to take some portraits of them. So not only did I get to catch up with my best friend from high school, but actually did some work as well. It was a great trip all around.

    Amy is one of the girls that wanted me to take portraits of her. Amy is actually in law school and will be a lawyer soon enough, so when I asked her why she wanted me to take some portraits of her, she told me that she just likes my work, especially some shots I did with her friend, so she wanted some as well! Of course I was super pumped after hearing that and knew that our session together would be great… and it was! Thanks Amy! Here are a few of the shots:

    [fancygallery id=’09amy’]

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