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  • Amy Take Two | Portrait Photographer

    Apr 19 | Evan | No Comments |

    For those of you following me for a while, you probably remember Amy from me previous trip to Las Vegas. Amy liked her first portrait photography session that she wanted to have me do some more portrait photography for her. Of course, I was thrilled to be her portrait photographer again! Last time, we were going for a little more of a causal look and this second portrait session was more of a fashion portrait session. Once again, it was a blast shooting with Amy and we came away with some wonderful shots. Not much left to say, as the photographs speak for themselves!

    Engagement Session in the Snow | Maymont Park, Richmond, Virginia

    Feb 19 | Evan | No Comments |

    I’m not going to lie, when I heard Washington DC was supposed to get 2-3 feet of snow just before my schedule engagement photography session with Erin and Russ, I was worried that Richmond would get more than first thought. Lucky for us though, Richmond got just enough snow to make everything beautiful but not enough for the roads to be treacherous (good work VDOT)! Between the snow, beautiful Maymont Park and most importantly, a loving and fun couple, I knew we would come away with some wonderful photographs. Even better, if they weren’t kissing, they were making each other laugh, which makes my job as a photographer a lot easier and also saves them from my jokes! It turned out to be a wonderful day and I was really happy to get to know and spend time with such a lovely couple! Can’t wait to be their wedding photographer this Spring!

    Portrait Photography at a Japanese Restaurant … in Tokyo, Japan!

    Feb 13 | Evan | No Comments |

    I am so lucky to have a job that allows me to travel! Especially, when it means I get to go to places I love, like Japan! At the end of January, I returned to Japan for the first time since leaving in 2008 to photograph a wedding. I was only in Japan for one week and had a lot of friends (and a lot of food and coffee drinks) to catch up with, but in addition to the wedding, I decided to take on one portrait photography session as well. High school senior portrait photography isn’t a popular at all in Japan, but instead, especially for women, it is common to get some portraits done for Coming of Age Day (Seijin no Hi). Wikipedia explains it better than I can:

    [Coming of Age Day] is a Japanese holiday held annually on the second Monday of January. It is held in order to congratulate and encourage all those who have reached the age of majority (20 years old) over the past year, and to help them realize that they have become adults. Festivities include coming of age ceremonies (seijin-shiki) held at local and prefectural offices, as well as after-parties amongst family and friends.

    So in honor of Ayumi turning 20 years old, we did a photography shoot with her wearing her kimono. As you can see, both Ayumi and her kimono were beautiful! Ayumi and her family had picked out a spectacular restaurant to use as the backdrop for our session and after we finished taking photographs, treated me to a delicious lunch (again, I am so lucky)!

    Las Vegas Portrait Photography | Samantha

    Aug 15 | Evan | 1 Comment |

    While visiting Las Vegas this summer to see some high school and university friends, I was happy to get some work done as well! I already posted about one portrait session in Vegas and here is the other one I did. Samantha was such a pleasure to work with and made my job easy! Also a HUGE thank you to my friend Leon who was kind of enough to let us run all over his house, move furniture and even his car for our photo shoot!

    Las Vegas and some Portrait Photography | Amy

    Jul 29 | Evan | No Comments |

    Since my friend was doing so well playing poker out in Las Vegas, he invited me to come visit him. It was a lot of fun pretending I was important as he would get us past lines and into places that I could never get to by myself! Also, I was approached by a few people wanting me to take some portraits of them. So not only did I get to catch up with my best friend from high school, but actually did some work as well. It was a great trip all around.

    Amy is one of the girls that wanted me to take portraits of her. Amy is actually in law school and will be a lawyer soon enough, so when I asked her why she wanted me to take some portraits of her, she told me that she just likes my work, especially some shots I did with her friend, so she wanted some as well! Of course I was super pumped after hearing that and knew that our session together would be great… and it was! Thanks Amy! Here are a few of the shots:

    [fancygallery id=’09amy’]

    Kimmie and Cherry Blossoms

    May 14 | Evan | 1 Comment |

    Another beautiful day in Washington DC with another beautiful model for me to shoot. On my last day in DC I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Kimmie. After walking for what seemed like forever, we finally found a place that was not overrun by locals and tourists (like me) trying to catch a glimpse and enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms that bloom once a year. I didn’t have as much time with Kimmie as I did with my other shoots, but it went really well and we had a blast! Like with Yen and Tom and Kelly, many thanks to Adam Peele, who graciously provided one of his awesome Limited Edition Handscreened Art T’s for this shoot (the green one).

    Kelly (and Andrew) and Cherry Blossoms

    May 01 | Evan | No Comments |


    Another shoot I had the pleasure of doing in Washington DC was with Kelly. Shooting with Kelly was a blast as she was up for just about anything, including climbing a cherry blossom tree…in boots with high heels! I doubt I could have climbed the tree we picked with climbing gear (am I the only one who never learned how to climb trees?), let alone in what she was wearing! At the very end of our shoot together, Andrew also joined us for about 20 minutes or so. I wish I had more time with them together, but it was great shooting with Kelly alone and as a couple once Andrew stopped by. Like with Yen and Tom, I have to give a quick shout out and many thanks to Adam Peele, who was gracious enough to provide some of his awesome Limited Edition Handscreened Art T’s for this and a few other shoots (the brown top with the cherry blossoms).

    Yen and Tom

    Apr 13 | Evan | 2 Comments |

    So I have been missing for a while! Sorry about that, but I promise there are some good reasons! Besides moving, preparing for my own wedding, traveling, and running my own photography business, I have a couple other great things going on…. which you will have to wait for another post for!


    Actually, one of those other great things was a very short trip to Washington DC during the peak of cherry blossom season! It was so beautiful and made me wish I was still in Japan. That being said, I was so happy to be in DC because I could see family, old friends and even make some new friends. Two of which are Yen and Tom. A lovely couple that I spent a few hours with on a beautiful, but incredibly windy and crowded, day. They are such a loving and adorable couple which made capturing the magic between them so fun and rewarding! Also, I have to give a quick shout out and many thanks to Adam Peele, who was gracious enough to provide some of his awesome Limited Edition Handscreened Art T’s for this and a few other shoots (the red and brown shirts).

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