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    May 15 | Evan | No Comments | Blog High School Senior Portrait Photographer

    I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Noelia and her family since working together with her mom to try and help those in Northern Japan that were devastated by the 2011 Great Tohoku Earthquake and Tsunami. Thankfully, on this portrait session, it was only about celebrating Noelia’s last year of high school and coming away with some great senior portraits for her and her family! As the senior portrait session went along, I could see Noelia’s confidence growing and her portraits started coming out more and more natural. Overall a lot of fun another great senior portrait session were the next portrait taken kept seeming to be even better than the previous portrait!

    2016 seniors in Cary, Raleigh, and Apex, now is a great time to Contact me for your high school senior portrait session! Book your senior portrait session early to reserve your date!
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