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  • Kelly (and Andrew) and Cherry Blossoms

    May 01 | Evan | No Comments | Blog Portrait Photographer


    Another shoot I had the pleasure of doing in Washington DC was with Kelly. Shooting with Kelly was a blast as she was up for just about anything, including climbing a cherry blossom tree…in boots with high heels! I doubt I could have climbed the tree we picked with climbing gear (am I the only one who never learned how to climb trees?), let alone in what she was wearing! At the very end of our shoot together, Andrew also joined us for about 20 minutes or so. I wish I had more time with them together, but it was great shooting with Kelly alone and as a couple once Andrew stopped by. Like with Yen and Tom, I have to give a quick shout out and many thanks to Adam Peele, who was gracious enough to provide some of his awesome Limited Edition Handscreened Art T’s for this and a few other shoots (the brown top with the cherry blossoms).

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