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  • Emily and Jordan’s Wedding at Chatham Mills

    Jan 06 | Evan | No Comments |

    I met Emily and Jordan a LONG time ago. It was very soon after returning to North Carolina from Japan and just after shooting a basketball game at the Dean Dome. So even though I was still having trouble making complete sentences (speaking the simplest English possible for 3+ years in Japan took a toll on my English for some time) and was all worked up after a great game, I somehow managed not to make a bad first impression! Seriously though, I immediately felt comfortable with Emily and Jordan, as anyone would with such a wonderful couple. I had been looking forward to their wedding for too long and am so happy their wedding date finally came! Their wedding was so much fun to shoot and had an incredible vibe from all the loving friends and family. Not too mention it was at a sweet location at Chatham Mills and although I shot the wedding for Andrew Bryant Photography, Andrew was off being a dad. After all, his son Stafford, was just born the day before (Congrats Andrew and Courtney)! So, I had the pleasure of shooting with a super talented photographer from Always Autumn Studios, Courtney Navey. That being said, I wish he had brought some “autumn” with him as last Saturday was a cold, cold, cold, but beautiful, winter day! Congrats to Emily and Jordan, we are all so happy for you!