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    Mar 31 | Evan | 1 Comment |

    I’m always happy to return to the Raleigh Renaissance Hotel.  I have so many wonderful memories both as a guest at my own wedding and working as a wedding or bar and bat mitzvah photographer at the Raleigh Renaissance Hotel at North Hills, Raleigh.  Deena’s Bat Mitzvah was another wonderful event that I was happy to be the photographer for.  Not only was I the photographer for the bat mitzvah, but also the Happy Smile Photo Booth was rented to get fun and unique photos of the bat mitzvah guests during the celebration.  And this Bat Mitzvah was quite the celebration that the family and friends all had a good time at.  The girls almost immediately took off their shoes to start the bat mitzvah party, so I knew it was going to be a party filled with a lot of dancing.  Of course it was also filled with lot’s of love and good times for the family and guests as the celebrated the wonderful milestone for Deena and her family.