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    Cary Senior Portrait Photographer | Emilio
    Raleigh Senior Portrait Photographer | Sean
    Cary Senior Portrait Photographer | Nick
    Raleigh Senior Portrait Photographer | Charlotte
    Raleigh and Cary Senior Portrait Photographer
    Raleigh Senior Portrait Photographer | Victoria
  • Raleigh Senior Portrait Photographer | Ben

    Aug 19 | Evan | No Comments |

    Ben was the lucky winner of a special senior portrait collection that was auctioned off at the previous Cary Academy PTAA Benefit Auction and the prize couldn’t have gone to a better senior and family. We were still battling the heat during this senior photography session, but compared to the heat Ben takes as a goalie for the lacrosse team, this was a walk in the park for him. Ben’s senior portrait session was a lot of fun, but I’m looking forward to seeing him in action when I take some photos at some lacrosse games! Ben, good luck with your senior year and your upcoming season! There is still time to get your 2011 Senior Portraits by Evan Pike Photography. Just contact me to schedule your senior session!

    Raleigh Senior Portrait Photographer | Ellyse

    Aug 16 | Evan | No Comments |

    After being away in Alaska for the past few weeks, I’m trying to play catch up, so we got two blog posts today! Ellyse’s senior photography session was another incredible one! At first, I felt she was a little shy during her senior portrait session, but Ellyse quickly warmed up and let her personality shine in all her photos! She was brave and was the first high school senior I have photographed that elected not to look at any of the photos on the back of my camera until after we finished taking the senior portraits… When finally seeing her senior photographs, her reaction was priceless! Once again another awesome senior portrait session in Raleigh and another wonderful family! There is still time to get your 2011 Senior Portraits by Evan Pike Photography. Just contact me to schedule your senior session!

    Raleigh Senior Portrait Photographer | Brittany

    Aug 16 | Evan | No Comments |

    Brittany and her mom were such a blast during Brittany’s senior portrait session! Even though, once again, we were dealing with a very hot and humid day in Raleigh, Brittany did an amazing job while getting her senior portraits taken. Seriously, I’m not sure how how these seniors are able to stay so cool and composed during their senior photography sessions. I have photographed a number of seniors in the 2011 class and I am so thankful that they have all been such wonderful seniors and families! Thanks again Brittany! Interested in getting your senior photos taken by Evan Pike Photography? There is still time to schedule your senior photography session, just contact me here.

    Raleigh Senior Portrait Photographer | Maggie

    Jul 27 | Evan | No Comments |

    As we inch closer and closer to school starting again, my inquiries about high school senior portraits have been coming in so I fast I can barely keep up! My first senior portrait photography session for the high school senior class of 2011, was with Maggie. The only way my 2011 senior sessions could have started off better would have been if the temperature was in the mid 70s instead of the mid 90s! Yikes! Unlike me, Maggie held her composure quite well in the heat and humidity and together we got some great shots. I had almost forgotten how fun senior portrait photography is…even on unbearable hot days in Raleigh! Thanks Maggie and hope your senior year is a wonderful one! I still have some senior portrait sessions available, if you are interested in having me photograph your senior portraits, please contact me!

    Couples like this are the Best | Pavilions at Angus Barn Wedding | Raleigh, NC

    Jun 06 | Evan | No Comments |

    All the brides and grooms I have been the photographer for have been awesome. Meeting so many great people is one of my favorite parts of being a wedding photographer. This past wedding I was the photographer for, was no exception. Megan and Danny’s wedding at the Pavilions at Angus Barn had all the ingredients to make for a perfect wedding. Gorgeous (but hot) weather, beautiful and unique location, wonderful vendors, supporting family and friends, and most importantly, a sweet, loving couple. To be honest though, Megan and Danny are so in love that no matter what the details were, their wedding would have been perfect. It was wonderful to observe and capture all the lovely moments that they had during their wedding and had a lot of them! Sometimes, as a photographer, I have to “encourage” a few of special moments to happen, but at Megan and Danny’s wedding, I could just do what I do best, freeze their special moments in time! Once again, congratulations and thank you to Megan, Danny and their families for trusting me to be their wedding photographer. Finally, can I just say that dancing grandmothers make my heart melt!

    What do Ligon Middle School, Chubby’s Tacos, All Saints Chapel and Sarah & Nick’s Wedding have in Common?

    May 27 | Evan | 1 Comment |

    For many reasons, all the weddings I have photographed have been special. This last wedding I photographed for Andrew Bryant Photography at The All Saints Chapel, in downtown Raleigh, was no exception. I could go on and tell you about how this wedding was super original, from the Krispy Kreme donunt wedding cake, to the hokey pokey mother/son dance and so on and of course all the original details made this wedding special for me, but this one goes a little further. Even though Sarah and Nick are die hard NC State fans (it’s possible that the phrase ‘die hard’ might be an understatement), photographing their wedding was extra special for me because I have known Sarah since middle school, which I am sorry to say, at this point in my life, knowing somebody since middle school means I have known them for more than half of my life (how do we slow this train down btw?). To have known her for so long made this wedding extra rewarding for me to photograph. Seeing a friend get married is beautiful, but to play a part in preserving the memories from of one of the most important days of their life is humbling and rewarding beyond words. Sarah, I am so happy for you, Nick and your families and looking forward to our future gatherings at Chubby’s Tacos… as old married couples! I know you will enjoy these handful of photographs from your wedding!

    Swan Harbor Farm Wedding That Blew Me Away | Maryland Wedding Photographer

    May 20 | Evan | No Comments |

    Erin and Dan’s wedding at Swan Harbor Farm, was on a picture perfect day at an incredible venue. The weather was in the 70s and no rain in the forcast, but there was wind, and lots of it! I’m talking gusts of 30-40mph wind! So both figuratively and literally I was getting blown away; however, that just made being the wedding photographer more fun! Some of you may remember Erin and Dan when I photographed their engagement session with their dog, last November, both that photography engagement session and their wedding were in Havre de Grace, Maryland and photographed for Andrew Bryant Photography. It is always wonderful to meet the bride and groom’s friends and families and this wedding was no exception. As I was going through my photos, I noticed a few themes that kept showing up. With clothes, hair, the veil and the tent moving in every which direction, of course the wind was one of them. The other was just how happy and how much fun everyone was having. Even with the insanely windy conditions, nothing was keeping Erin, Dan and their guests from having a wonderful time! I am so grateful I was able to be the wedding photographer and even more so just to meet so many wonderful people. Thanks again to both families and also to the great vendors, all were wonderful and would love to work with any of them again!

    Perfect Spring Day Wedding at Providence Country Club | Erin and Russ

    Apr 27 | Evan | No Comments |

    As I told Erin on her wedding day, there is a very good chance she has the ability to control the weather. You probably remember this lovely couple from my post about two months ago, when we did their engagement photography session in the snow. You know, back when Washington, DC was paralyzed by the whole “snowmageddon” thing but Richmond had just enough snow to make for a picture perfect day. So lucky! Now their wedding day was scheduled about a week after the pollen really started to pick up here in North Carolina and we didn’t get our first rain until 2 days before the wedding. Thanks to the rain, what was once covered with a lime green pollen, was a picture perfect spring day. Even without taking the weather into consideration, Erin and Russ’s wedding at Providence Country Club in Charlotte, was extremely beautiful and thoughtful. Definitely a couple and a wedding that makes me thankful to be a wedding photographer! Along with Andrew Bryant Photography, we had a great time. Congratulations again to Erin, Russ and their wonderful families!

    Engagement Session in the Snow | Maymont Park, Richmond, Virginia

    Feb 19 | Evan | No Comments |

    I’m not going to lie, when I heard Washington DC was supposed to get 2-3 feet of snow just before my schedule engagement photography session with Erin and Russ, I was worried that Richmond would get more than first thought. Lucky for us though, Richmond got just enough snow to make everything beautiful but not enough for the roads to be treacherous (good work VDOT)! Between the snow, beautiful Maymont Park and most importantly, a loving and fun couple, I knew we would come away with some wonderful photographs. Even better, if they weren’t kissing, they were making each other laugh, which makes my job as a photographer a lot easier and also saves them from my jokes! It turned out to be a wonderful day and I was really happy to get to know and spend time with such a lovely couple! Can’t wait to be their wedding photographer this Spring!

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