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    Gavin's 5th Birthday Party and Portraits
  • Gavin’s 5th Birthday Party and Portraits

    Mar 10 | Evan | No Comments |


    A few weeks ago, I shot a birthday party at Goodnights Comedy Club…. for a 5 year old! Yeah, I was surprised as well, at least until I heard that it was going to be during the day and instead of a 4 letter word dropping, crowd attacking comedian, there would be a crowd pleasing magician. It was a lot of fun for me to photograph so I know the kids really enjoyed it! After the party, I did some portraits of the lucky birthday boy and his cousins. Photographing kids is as fun as it is challenging! They don’t really take directions well, but to be honest, those times when they are off in their own world, can often be the best ones! Happy Birthday Gavin!